Communication Challenges with Senior Leaders

Are you lacking communication from the senior leaders in your workplace?

A lack of communication can lead you to feel unclear, uncertain, and under-valued. Not something (I would hazard a guess) that you are seeking in your work environment.

Speaking up can be challenging.  Add an additional level of hierarchy, and it can be daunting and at times overwhelming.  As a leadership coach, I understand the fear and anxiety that can creep in when needing to have these conversations.  Trust me, the consequences of not speaking up far outweigh being brave and having a voice.

If you’re feeling frustrated by the lack of current communication with your boss, here are a few recommendations you might like to implement so you can move forward and do your job.


Things to consider to assist you to speak up.

Look for natural opportunities to discuss/connect – Are there times when you already have contact with this individual?  Do you have an occurring meeting or another avenue for connection that is already scheduled? If so, you may like to utilise the time at the beginning or the end of this to ask your question or organise another time to communicate.  One of the clients I work with identified that his manager had a set routine in the morning, where they would grab a coffee from a café around the corner from the office each morning.  A perfect opportunity to grab some uninterrupted time for connection prior to the start of a busy workday.

Know their style of communication –  Know what their natural communication style is and communicate in a way that will be to their preference. For example, if you’re speaking with a leader who is fast paced, short and straight to the point – then deliver your message/question to them in that exact manner.

Think about it from their perspective – These are busy people who will often be juggling multiple things at once.  And they are human, so (just like you) sometimes things slip through the cracks. If they have committed to having a conversation with you, and that conversation never arises then speak up. Don’t take it personally, instead send them an email or text as a reminder of their initial commitment to speak to you and ask for a suitable time in their calendar to speak.

Provide feedback – They don’t know they’re unapproachable, or not giving you enough time, if you’ve never discussed it with them.  So have the conversation, tell them how you feel and seek a solution around this moving forward.

Lead by example – As a leader, if you are struggling with communicating with your stakeholders, make certain that the people around you, (who see you a their senior stakeholder), would not be thinking/feeling the same way.


Stop thinking like you’re hassling the C-Suite when you need their input. 

The next time you’re feeling frustrated by the lack of access to communicate with your senior stakeholders try the above techniques and see how it changes your outcome.  Share your wins, I’d love to hear how applying this has helped you move forward.


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