Tools, tips and resources for building confidence at work with Claire

How do I uncover my blind spots? If you’re asking yourself the above question, chances are that you: Have been given some feedback that took you by surprise Are struggling with something and can’t work out why you can’t get past it Are ready to push your self-awareness to the next level   The problem […]
Are you fed up with not achieving the goals you have set yourself?  Do you continually feel overwhelmed?  Are you going around in circles and just can’t achieve the outcomes you desire?   Is the mountain you need to climb starting to look impossible, like you need to scale Mt Everest to achieve your goals?  Are […]
As a development coach I often have conversations with clients and potential clients  – senior leaders within organisations and business owners – about ways in which they can grow. Grow themselves, their teams and their businesses.   Through these conversations I have started to track trends and identify common themes that seem to be impacting these […]
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