Why am I not achieving my goals?

Are you fed up with not achieving the goals you have set yourself?  Do you continually feel overwhelmed?  Are you going around in circles and just can’t achieve the outcomes you desire?   Is the mountain you need to climb starting to look impossible, like you need to scale Mt Everest to achieve your goals?  Are you ready to chuck in the towel and get another goal instead?

If this is where you are right now, then I know exactly what you’re doing; you’re questioning yourself and your ability.  On a daily basis, as a Leadership Coach, I work with leaders and business owners and we frequently discuss the stress and self-doubt that occurs when they don’t reach their goals.  That inner critic comes out to play and sits on your shoulder whispering – “You’re not good enough to do this.” “You don’t have what it takes to make this happen.”  “This goal is too big for you to achieve; I’d say it’s impossible” “You may as well stop now before you fail – again”.

My guess is that you’re about ready to throw in the towel.  To stop working towards that particular goal, to forget it even exists, sweeping it under the carpet and starting on something else instead.

Stop it.  Stop listening to that negative voice.  Stop jumping into that pit of self-pity.  Stop stalling and start taking action.

It’s not time to get another goal.

This is not the time to change your goal.  This is not the time to doubt yourself and your ability to achieve.

This is the time to lean in.  To focus on why this was your goal in the first place.  Why is this something you want to achieve?  Why are you working towards this particular outcome?

You need to take a moment to reflect on your goal and align it to your purpose.   What is your big picture and how is this goal connected to it?   What is motivating you towards achieving this goal? Connect this goal to more than something to be crossed off your to-do list.

I have a client who has been working with me for the past six months, let’s call her Wendy.  When Wendy and I first started working together she had a big picture goal of escaping the corporate world and starting her own business.  We chunked down this big picture goal into six bite-sized goals and three medium term goals to work towards during out coaching sessions together. Last week she reached out to say that she wanted to change one of her bite-sized goals.

Here’s how this was manifesting for her.   She stated to me that she felt like she was going around in circles and getting nowhere with this goal.   She had stopped believing that this goal was possible for her to reach and had decided that she would stop working towards it as it wasn’t important to her.  She was letting the voice of doubt creep in and had taken her eye off what achieving this goal meant to her big picture dream of running her own business.   We all do this.  We look to the immediate to solve our problems and when we don’t get that instant gratification of being able to quickly achieve something and move forwards we tend to push it under the carpet or into the too hard basket.  Instead, we need to understand that there may be bumps in the road, that the path you take towards achieving this goal may not be what you expected.  It may take more time than you would like, but  ultimately this bite-sized goal plays an important piece of the puzzle towards your success.

My invitation for you (as it was to her) is to spend time every week wrapping your goals in meaning and peppering them with purpose.   Build the habit of connecting your current goal to your big picture horizon.  Know that there is more behind achieving these bite-sized goals than just ticking them off a to-do list.


Stop standing still and work towards your goals

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