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Imitation is a form of flattery, that is what some will invite you to believe.  I want you to think about imitation as permission that you provide yourself with when you want to take the easy way out.  You see, it’s easier to be a ‘knock-off’ of something else than to spend time creating and being something different and unique.

We’ve all been there – we have all purchased that fake Luis Vuitton handbag or those super-chic (yet super plastic) Gucci sunglasses from a market stall.  We’ve purchased them, we’ve used them, yet we know they are not the real deal.  The craftmanship is subpar; from a distance they may look ok but up close the quality is not the same, and while they may serve the purpose for you at the time they eventually deteriorate, break down and get pushed to the side.

The same can be said for us as human beings when we show-up pretending to be something that we are not.  When we adjust who we are to fit the mould of who others are expect us to be.  When we play a part and agree with something to take the easy way out rather than standing strong (and at times alone) in what we believe.  We become that fake pair of Gucci sunglasses – imitating something – instead of being our authentic self.

Why do we do this?  Because we believe that it’s easier to be something that others already understand and are familiar with rather than to stand out from the crowd.  When we show-up as accommodating, we feel like we make it more comfortable for others to be around us.  We become agreeable as we believe it’s better than being perceived as being challenging and disagreeable.  We don’t dare want to be seen as different – so we choose to be the same.

For a time, this may serve a purpose, but eventually by doing this we become unhappy, uninspired, and unfulfilled.  You see by adjusting ourselves we unconsciously create a culture where diversity of thought, opinion and ideas are not generated or accepted. We start to lose our freedoms – of thoughts, words, and actions – and mute our individuality – all to fit in.

There is No Need for More Fake Gucci’s

It’s time to stop!  It’s time to get comfortable being yourself.  It’s time to be consistent with who you say you are to yourself and who you show up as to others.  It’s time to take ownership for who you are being and who you want to become.

You see, there is only one you.  You, my friend, are a unique being.  There is only one person on this planet that has what you’ve got to offer, and what that is is exactly what we need from you.  So please, don’t hide it away.

Instead, get uncomfortable and be real (yes this is a journey and parts of it won’t feel comfortable or easy).  Uncover where are you currently adjusting yourself, where you are showing up inauthentically.  Decide today to show up as the real deal.  Be authentic and see the impact that it has on you and those around you.


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I’m Claire – a professional Leadership and Development Coach who empowers leaders and business owners to be the authentic and best version of themselves each and every day.

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