As a development coach I often have conversations with clients and potential clients  – senior leaders within organisations and business owners – about ways in which they can grow. Grow themselves, their teams and their businesses.   Through these conversations I have started to track trends and identify common themes that seem to be impacting these leaders in some way, shape or form.  In the past year confidence, and more specifically confidence at work, has been a recurring theme that arises.  It doesn’t always come out as “I’m lacking in confidence” or “I’m questioning my confidence at work” but there are triggers and subtle suggestions of what is holding these leaders back, and as we start to unpack these things within our one-to-one coaching time together confidence and self-doubt will inevitably bubble to the surface.


In light of this, I’ve decided to endeavour on a journey to unpack the psychology behind confidence and look at ways in which society as whole can start to increase our confidence at work and in our day to day life.  Through a series of articles, blog posts and videos I’m going to explore the power that our thoughts and feelings have on our confidence and how having low self-confidence can affect you (in more ways than you are currently aware).   I will also provide some tips and tricks of ways that you can start to increase your confidence at work and at home, so that you can start to move things forwards in the areas of your life that you are currently stuck in.


If you’re interested in hearing more and want to come on the confidence journey with me feel free to sign up to receive these articles when they’re first published.   Click this link  and complete the contact form stating in the comment box that you’re interested to follow the confidence series.


I’m excited by what’s to come.  This journey will not only increase my knowledge in and around confidence, it will also increase my confidence too!


Caveat: I am not a trained psychologist, nor do I claim to be.  What I will be writing about will come from my own personal experience of dealing with my self-confidence as I have launched and stepped into running my own business full time.  I will also share techniques and tools that I have utilised with my leadership coaching clients and other resources that I have found useful in helping them step into their own powerful confidence.

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