How can I gain confidence in my abilities?

We’ve all heard: “fake it till you make it.”

To supposedly gain confidence, we are often reminded of this phrase during our most nerve-wracking moments. It leads us to believe that by feigning the way we present ourselves, we will eventually evolve into something we want to become.

While this may work in some cases, it’s definitely not the ‘catch-all remedy’ to prove your abilities.

Faking confidence has its limitations and only improves your self-worth on a superficial level. That’s why it’s such a widely held belief – because it seems to work.

However, the real truth is that spurring your talents and capabilities into action (yes, even in uncertain and uncomfortable situations!), while owning who you are is the best way to show others and yourselves how confident you are.

Here are some useful tips to help you feel more confident about your abilities.

Imagine feeling that you had complete trust in yourself. Never questioning your skillset or underestimating your specialties.

This is confidence – and it’s empowering.

Empowering yourself in this way is an ongoing process. It involves discovering your potential and unleashing it for you and the world to see. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy feat, as you’ll need to venture outside of your comfort zone and face certain fears along the way – but it’s definitely worth the effort.

There are 7 ways to help you build confidence, for both the workplace and for your own personal growth.

7 Steps to Gain Confidence in Your Abilities

  1. Know what you mean by confidence

What are the attributes of a confident person? What do they sound like? How would a confident person enter a room, have a conversation or present to their peers?

Every person defines confidence differently. That’s why it’s important to have a clear image of what it looks like to you, so you can start working on getting there.

  1. Start with self-talk

A lack of confidence can often be traced to a weak mindset. If you’re feeling shy, hesitant or anxious, try to change your own conviction by giving yourself some encouragement.

“I can do this!” “I believe in myself!” “I can conquer my fears!” “I know I’m capable of overcoming this!”

It sounds strange, but hearing words of motivation, whether it’s from yourself or others, can go a long way. The best part is that you can always rely on your inner voice to provide you with strength and direction.

For more, see: 5-Step Process for Self-Talk

  1. Gather facts and data from others

You are naturally your own biggest critic and worst enemy. However, getting other people’s perspectives can help you equalise your own bias to develop your abilities and confidence.

So, take the time to ask others their opinions about the skills you’re doubting. You can also get them to share what they think your strengths are.

  1. Listen

I once ran an awareness exercise with my clients around authenticity in their leadership, and it’s interesting to see how difficult they found asking questions, taking in the answers and then replying with a thank you.

It’s good to find ways to get feedback, but it will only help if you listen wholeheartedly to what they say. And when I say listen, it means to completely stop and to hear what they have to say without the intention of replying or rebutting.

After you’ve heard their opinion, make sure to reflect on it. Most importantly, list the positive ones, so you can come back to them when you need some encouragement or a boost of confidence.

  1. Practice

Often, you don’t feel confident about something because you’re not used to doing it – whether it’s presenting in front of people, having conversations with senior stakeholders or putting forward unique ideas.

The best way to address this and gain confidence is to prepare and practice a lot until you become comfortable. This simple advice can do wonders if you’re nervous, because practice means you’re not having to guess your way through something.

Practice doesn’t make everything perfect, but it does put you at ease when doing something outside your comfort zone.

  1. Create affirmations

Remember that self-talk earlier? Now, say those motivational words loud and proud. Repeat them to yourself until you start believing in them.

You know exactly what you really need to hear. So, when doubt creeps in and you’re losing confidence, tell yourself “I’ve got this!” again and again.

  1. Show up as you and trust yourself

Sometimes, all you need to do is believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Trust that no matter where you are right now, you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to do. Cheer up and feel deep in your heart that you’re much more than your worries and fears.

Applying these 7 steps will allow you to experience a truly deep and lasting shift in your mindset which will increase your confidence at work and in life.

Instead of faking confidence, develop it and be empowered from the inside! You’ll stop holding yourself back, growing and showing your abilities for the world to see.

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