What is a Leadership Development Coach?

If you are starting out on your coaching exploration and wondering if you’d like to work with a coach, chances are one of the questions you’re asking yourself is, what exactly is a Coach?

At its core, a coach is someone who will enquire, nudge and challenge you to identify your gaps and find solutions to transform them, so that you can move towards your goals and achieve the outcomes you desire.

A coach will be your partner on your journey of discovery, probing you to think differently, to tap into your own solutions that are bubbling unconsciously under the surface, and then hold you accountable to implement those solutions and make a change.

What is a Leadership Development Coach?

In my niche, as a Leadership Development Coach, I work with leaders and business owners to achieve your professional goals.  I do this by assisting you to understand what is getting in the way of your success and then help you to move it out of the way.  Along the journey I empower you to implement simple processes that help you refocus your mindset, create healthy boundaries and erase self-doubt so that you can progress forward at work.

The five main areas of focus that we will cover to help you achieve professional success and leadership growth are:

  1. Self-awareness and belief
  2. Mastering your mindset
  3. Developing your personal brand and presence
  4. Effective communication
  5. How to influence with authenticity


It’s my belief that everybody has the right to enjoy what they do in their career.  Success of a business stems from you, and your leadership team.  The higher your level of self-awareness, the more efficiently you can run your organisation.  By enhancing your emotional intelligence and social intelligence skill set you allow yourself to function at an optimised level, reduce your stress and have the capability to best support your team and your business.  And as an added bonus, you can also start to enjoy what you do on a daily basis as well!

If you seek these things, then working with a Leadership Coach will help you.


Stop standing still and start progressing towards your professional goals

I’m Claire – a professional Leadership and Development Coach who helps leaders and business owners progress towards their goals.

Let’s have a chat today to discover how I can help you make progress and achieve success in life.

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